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Welcome to the Online Syllabus Manager(OSM).

Faculty access:

Faculty members listed as a Primary Instructor in Connect Carolina for undergraduate class section(s) offered in Summer Session II 2015 or later undergraduate class section(s) offered Summer Session II 2015 or later, or graduate courses offered Fall 2016 or later are granted access to upload and/or view syllabi for their course sections. The following course types are excluded, and do not require action in the system:

Course exclusions :

Only courses owned by the College of Arts and Sciences require action in OSM. Courses owned by other colleges are excluded.

  1. Excluded Subject Codes
    • ISP and YAP subject codes.
  2. Excluded Catalog Numbers
    • Internships and Practica with catalog numbers ending with *93
    • Research courses with catalog numbers ending with *95
    • Independent Study/Readings courses with catalog numbers ending with *96 (796 level courses are included.)
    • Senior Honors Thesis, Courses 691H, 692H, 693H, 694H
    • Special topics courses with catalog numbers 890-899
    • Graduate research courses with catalog numbers 990 and 991
    • Masters Theses, Masters Thesis Substitute projects, and Doctoral Dissertations with catalog numbers 992,993, and 994
  3. Excluded Sections
    • Summer Bridge and SPCL Lecture sections 300 - 399
    • Recitation sections 600 - 850
    • Self-paced course through the Friday Center sections 851 - 860
    • Inter-Institutional Courses sections 900 - 950
    • Clerkships, fieldwork sections 975 - 989
    • Carolina Courses Online sections 991,992,993,995

Note to Students: The OSM tool is for faculty and administration only. The tool is not available for students or alumni. If you need a copy of a course syllabus, please check the department website to see if a version of the syllabus has been posted. If not, contact the administrative staff in the department that offered the course. Departments retain syllabi for a minimum of four years.

If you have further questions about OSM access, submit a Help Request .
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